A third-person action/adventure co-op sandbox where you build fully-customized mechs to take down robotic titans.

Build. Plan. Execute. Adapt. Destroy.

The future is... weird.

World-wide destruction came not from some grand apocalypse,
but from increasingly unstable and deadly environments.

Then our machines turned against us. Made themselves superior.
So we turned to what we knew: building new tools.

Mechs piloted by men and women to accomplish what humans alone could no longer do:


Steel Hunters

A unique, fresh approach to game design that empowers the player above all-else. You'll never have the same experience twice, and you're in complete control of how you play the game.

  • build

    Build and Customize

    Make your mech your own from millions of possible procedurally-generated parts. Then build and customize your mech to fit your unique play style.

  • face

    It's Dangerous to Go Alone

    Team up with up to three other players to take on missions.

  • memory

    System-Driven Gameplay

    Missions occur in enormous sandbox environments, each with their own unique features and systems. Adapt or die.

  • error


    Enormous, roving fortresses known as Behemoths roam the wastelands. These are your targets and they will adapt to whatever you do. Take them down and reap the rewards.

Welcome to the Wasteland, Hunter.